Urban Music (Videos) ….A joke?

Ok so there’s no getting away from the fact that there is a huge division of opinions on the topic of modern urban music. A debate which I regularly get sucked in to. I am tired of defending urban music and making it my mission to show cynical people, artists who don’t fit the stereotypical ‘gangster’ image that today seems to rule all urban music channels and puts me off even bothering to look for good new urban music.

So there I am with someone arguing the fact that not all rappers rhyme about, pussy, weed, money and swear none stop when that someone puts channel AKA on and sits there with a smug smile on their face whilst the next 5 videos played all consist of some dudes sat on cars (hired no doubt) with half naked girls on their arm ‘rapping’ about….yup, you got it, pussy, weed, money and swearing like a trooper. *YAWN*. What am I suppose to say now? I could change the channel but then nearly every other channel is showing the same thing.

Yea ok Kanye, Jay Z, Chris Brown, they’ve all done the car and girl thing but that’s been part of their music career not the only thing its consisted of which in my opinion I feel these AKAers are missing. They did that and it worked for them, they have proven themselves as respectable artists most would say.

I’m in no way knocking Channel AKA, through them I’ve come to discover very talented artists such as Josh Osho who is making a strong name for himself at the moment, releasing his first album L.I.F.E….however I feel a talent filter would be beneficial to be introduced to stop ridiculous videos being shown.

Vulgarity is not a necessity in music, take Zuby for example, an upcoming artist with a wide fan base who I’m pretty sure never swears in his music. His lyrics are actually poignant enough that vulgarity is not needed to emphasise anything.

On the other side everyone has a right to make their own music. Yes, their own! Does it really need to be a complete replica and copy of someone else’s work. I feel these ‘artists’ (half of them do not deserve that title) have no inspirational creativity what so ever and seem to honestly believe that making a video and spitting a rap that I could write in 5 minutes is going to make them some sort of living and get girls and respect? It makes me mad, then I think actually it’s pretty sad, that these, AKAers I’m going to call them, don’t seem to have a mind of their own so copy what they’ve seen on music channels, which then starts off a vicious circle as their copying then just gets copied by someone else.

Or, come from such a back ground where the only thing they know seems to be fighting and drugs? Maybe I’m generalising too much there…

Please people DO YOUR OWN THING otherwise music is never going to progress and urban music will just end up a BUTT of a joke!


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