From Hotmail To Outlook (R.I.P. Hotmail)

Cant remember what my first email account was, i’ts been that long, was it hotmail, was it yahoo? Anyways I had both & I distinctly remember dropping yahoo for hotmail beacause it has MSN messenger, boy at the time that was cool! which is the problem Microsoft as a company have been having for years, they lost that ‘cool edge’



It was the internet mainstay that helped take email mainstream in the late 1990s, but now Microsoft has ditched Hotmail after 16 years, relaunching the service in favour of the revamped

Microsoft said its new service, available to preview at, would reimagine the way people use email and be the first major improvement in eight years.

Microsoft is hoping that its news email program will allow the company to take some of the market shares Gmail by Google has been enjoying.

In July, Hotmail still enjoyed the largest online email user base with 324 million users and owned 36 percent of the world market. But more and more Hotmail users are converting over to Gmail by Google, which currently enjoys 31 percent of the world market shares.

Yahoo mail continues to hold strong at 32 percent market share.

Hotmail users will be invited to transfer their accounts to the portal. The relaunch is part of a wider overhaul of Microsoft’s widely-used software products, including its Windows operating system and Office services.

Microsoft said would offer a less-obtrusive email experience, with fewer display ads and new connections to social networks including Facebook and Twitter.

Users will be able to see status updates from friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter with a new feature on the revamped email site.

“We think the time is right to reimagine email. So today, we’re introducing a preview of,” said Chris Jones, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Windows Live.

The demise of Hotmail brings to an end one of the earliest great brands of the consumer internet.

Microsoft bought Hotmail from the entrepreneurs Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith for a reported a $400m in 1997 (first launched in 1996) – a full decade before Google arrived on the email scene.

Hotmail quickly became known as the younger person’s email service as it was allied with Micrsoft’s instant-messaging platform, MSN Messenger.

After its initial success Hotmail faced intense rivalry in the US and Europe, first from email services from the likes of Yahoo and AOL, and more recently Google, with bigger storage capacity and tidier interfaces.

In the fast-growing Russian and Chinese internet markets, Microsoft has been outstripped by dominant local players such as and Yandex Mail.

Since its launch, Microsoft has done little to update or upkeep its popular product except maybe a few lick of paint every now & again but no major overhaul, when i have to go change the skins of how my hotmail looks you know that i am bored lol.

The new email product found at will allow Hotmail users to keep their existing @Hotmail or @MSN extension. New users can chose between @Outlook or @Live for their email extension.


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