Award Winner Me! Seth Rogen and Zac Effron Costar in “Bound 4”


I only went and won the damn thing! Shout out to the OFFICIAL MIXTAPE AWARDS who told me last Saturday evening that I had won ‘Best Afrobeats Mixtape’ for my AfroBizz mixtape series. Kinda surreal for me because not only did I believe that I won’t win it (trust me, the other nominees in my category are good plus there was a winner from the previous year shortlisted too S/O Dj Larizzle), I also believed LONDON NORMALLY WINS THESE THINGS & since I don’t live there no more then no chance! I WAS PROVED WRONG 🙂

Thanks to all that voted, thanks to all Lovers, DJs, Artistes & Dancers of the Afrobeats genre. I am passionate about it hence me releasing 11 mixtapes under ‘AfroBizz Mix Series’ (plus a bonus AfroHouse mini mix) I don’t believe there’s been a more consistent release of Afrobeats mixes by any DJ within an 18 month timescale ‘cos those artistes are relentless with churning out hits on an almost daily basis, I’m even struggling to keep up haha!

Thanks to for the award, my family and heritage African so you have made a lot of my people happy, my mum has not stopped telling everyone about it since I told her 🙂

AFROBIZZ 12 #DirtyDozen now out on and here’s a preview of the cover. Shout out to my crew ‘Bad Bizznez Heroes’ @BadBizznez WE WON!!


I’m looking forward to playing at AFRO’ *House&Beats* on December 6  & I hope to see you all there. See flyer below and go to for more info, fix and how to cop a free AfroBeat mix cd on the night. Also info of where to catch me play is on there.


                              SETH & ZAC ‘BOUND 4’

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have really started something.
A day after Seth Rogen and James Franco made us all bow down in awe with the release of “Bound 3,” a shot-for-shot parody of Kanye and Kim’s erotically charged “Bound 2” video, Zac Efron has joined the fun.

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