AfroBizz 20 #OneLuv #Afrosounds #Afrobeat


The very last AfroBizz Mixtape in this format of ‘just African Inspired Music In This Long Play Format’ as I think they genre has now earned the right to be included into my Hip Hop & R&B mixes.

I will still be doing mini mix versions here & there but the 20th edition of these Award Winning Mix Series has now reached it’s climax, I never thought 3 years ago I will be having 20 plus a bonus mini mix (AfroBizz 6.5) but I did because what was coming out was relentless & most of them too damn good to ignore 🙂 . What started as a journey through my ancestral musical grassroots 3 years ago has been a ride of excitement & awe, seeing the revolution of African Music aka ‘AFROSOUNDS’ adapting with the times & new technology to move forward has made me really proud of all the artists, producers, sound engineers, music video directors & all associated casts, the music market in the Western world has also taken notice so well done to all of you.

As it was the ‘very last one’ I thought I sign it off as epic as I can with 60 live mixed tracks of ovver 2hrs but also split into 2 mixes for those that want to burn unto 80 mins blank discs (ain’t I thoughtful lol). Hope you enjoy & if you have missed out on AfroBizz 1 to 19, they are all on my mix account www/

Click any of your choice below to take you to the play & download page & let me know on Twitter or Instagram @DjBizzy what you think, enjoy



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